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Unlucky Moon
One more reason why yesterday just burned away..
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30th-Apr-2008 11:53 pm - Funny Conversations.
Celeste (1:21:03 AM): its a satan
Ash (1:21:11 AM): LOL. Pace itself is satan.
Ash (1:21:25 AM): WE LIVE IN HIS VERY BOWELS. Those that move are what he shits out.
Ash (1:21:28 AM): Just kidding.
Celeste (1:21:44 AM): rofl
Celeste (1:21:51 AM): satan poo :3


(She's such a weird-O,<3! Poor Greg. HAH!)

Celeste (1:40:26 AM): assly
Celeste (1:40:33 AM): greg doesnt wear panties
Ash (1:40:36 AM): o.o LMFAO
Ash (1:40:38 AM): wtf
Celeste (1:40:41 AM): i saw
Ash(1:40:47 AM): OHHH
Celeste (1:40:52 AM): he was running in the free willy
Ash (1:40:57 AM): when you were over that time and his pants were falling
Celeste (1:41:03 AM): yes
Ash (1:41:18 AM): I was all " woahhhh wait a second when were you lookin' "
Ash (1:41:21 AM): I forgot about that.
Celeste (1:41:23 AM): i think he was trying to tell me "celeste please come sneak through my window and have indian tribal sex with me"
Ash (1:41:29 AM): LMFAO!!!!!!
23rd-Apr-2008 11:33 am - So...
Today was very...slow and boring. Right now I am watching a show called The Secret Lives of Women and chatting on trillian for while.
I was searching the internet for stuff on Silent Hill 5. Looks like it'd be pretty badass...let's just hope it WILL be.

22nd-Apr-2008 12:57 pm - You....
Know when you're in the middle of no fuckin' where when...

You have to travel to Alabama to get to some really nice stores. Just thought I'd point that out.


I wish I had my musical stuff with me. So I could do musical stuff with music things and have a happy musical music moment.
19th-Nov-2007 06:50 am - Early in the morning.
Well it's indeed the buttcrack of dawn right now , and I am wide awake and bored to death.
18th-Nov-2007 09:33 am - Random Quiz Result.
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16th-Nov-2007 08:31 am - Post number ONE.
Hey all! Yes. I am at livejournal....once again. Aha. I swear I have a problem with this all the time , I've made an account before but I always forget my information. well this is the last one and if I forget it then no more! XD;.
   well right now nothing extremely amazing is going on besides the fact that I am awake in the daytime! ( that in itself is actually a miracle.)
I am actually waiting a bit before I go out with my camera to take some photographs and update my photography folder heehee.
Hmm..well my months away from livejournal...have not been worth writing about anyways just a dull dull time ahaha.
Well I am supposed to be signing up for College very soon - just gonna do my basics and crap then after that's done I'll probably go for 3D art or something. <is a lazy ass>

Other than that , it's been a while since I've seen my kitty ..I do really miss her and wish beyond all things that she'd find her way home again.. but I know better and it hurts but I'll get over it.
  She was my little kitty-baby. What can one do but talk about it until it they are used to the fact.
I loved her tons and will never forget her!

 Well , home just doesn't feel much like home anymore and I am miserable in Pace. Bleh..I feel like I'm just thrown into some deep black space and am floating around helplessly at the moment.

  Well that's my post for the day! Sucks that it was so depressing but it felt to good to get it out of my mind.
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