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Unlucky Moon
One more reason why yesterday just burned away..
Funny Conversations. 
30th-Apr-2008 11:53 pm
Celeste (1:21:03 AM): its a satan
Ash (1:21:11 AM): LOL. Pace itself is satan.
Ash (1:21:25 AM): WE LIVE IN HIS VERY BOWELS. Those that move are what he shits out.
Ash (1:21:28 AM): Just kidding.
Celeste (1:21:44 AM): rofl
Celeste (1:21:51 AM): satan poo :3


(She's such a weird-O,<3! Poor Greg. HAH!)

Celeste (1:40:26 AM): assly
Celeste (1:40:33 AM): greg doesnt wear panties
Ash (1:40:36 AM): o.o LMFAO
Ash (1:40:38 AM): wtf
Celeste (1:40:41 AM): i saw
Ash(1:40:47 AM): OHHH
Celeste (1:40:52 AM): he was running in the free willy
Ash (1:40:57 AM): when you were over that time and his pants were falling
Celeste (1:41:03 AM): yes
Ash (1:41:18 AM): I was all " woahhhh wait a second when were you lookin' "
Ash (1:41:21 AM): I forgot about that.
Celeste (1:41:23 AM): i think he was trying to tell me "celeste please come sneak through my window and have indian tribal sex with me"
Ash (1:41:29 AM): LMFAO!!!!!!
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